About my hobbies, well, I think I have a lot. I’m not the kind of person who does just one thing, but I love looking for new activities to do in my spare time. Some of my many hobbies are: The Lion King. Yeah, you read right. For me, it’s more than just a children’s movie. It’s more than “another Disney thing.” The Lion King is a way of life, and his power will endure for a long time. I have seen the film more than 160 times. I know it by heart in English and Spanish, I have three versions of the film: Spanish, English with subtitles and English without them. I collect a lot of things related to that movie. My favorite character is Scar, the prettiest little thing on all fours. Why Scar? LONG LIVE SCAR! Another hobby is playing the piano. I’ve liked the piano since I was a little girl, but I started playing on a Yamaha Porta sound keyboard. My parents realized I wasn’t so bad at it after all and finally decided to buy me a bigger keyboard, this time a Cassio. I learned to play it, but I still dreamed of having a real piano one day. My dream came true on October 12, 1991, when my dad surprised me at the piano shop by telling me he would buy me one. It’s one of the most precious gifts you’ve ever given me, and I’ll be grateful to you forever. I love playing all kinds of music, especially classical music. My favorite composer is Chopin, then follow Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. I also like to play Disney Music, either on my Casio keyboard or on the piano, such as: “part of it” (The Little Mermaid),” an ideal world “(Aladdin),” Beauty and The Beast “(I think it is not necessary to quote the name of the film),” colors in the wind ” (Pocahontas) and, of course, The Lion King! I can play almost all the songs in the film except the instrumental “to die” and “under the stars,” from which I still have to learn my left hand. The tune ” hyenas!!!”I haven’t even tried to touch her. (I play by ear as well as by note). I also like to compose music. Writing is a fabulous hobby I discovered a few months ago. I have written some poems, short stories and a long, a very long story related to The Lion King, divided into three books, perhaps four. You can find the first book in my section things I’ve written only that it’s all in English. I love listening to music! Of all kinds, I don’t care. Classic, pop, sometimes heavy metal, African, New Age. My favorite singers and bands are:

  • Elton John, especially his album “Love Songs” That brings me beautiful memories.
  • Music of the 80s like A-ha, Toto, the Bangles, and others.
  • Angelique Kidjo: it Is from Benin, and she sings awesome! I recommend that you listen to your Fifa CD-if you like African music.
  • Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens: parent songs, good rhythm, good group. It’s also African-style.
  • Lebo M., This gentleman is great! I love his album “Rhythm of the Pride Lands.” If you like African, you should listen to this record.
  • Mecano: An Spanish group with excellent songs.

All that stuff with nature sounds for relaxation and meditation. Truly serve! I also like Dance music. I also like to read; some of my favorite writers are Jack London, Horacio Quiroga, and others. Ah! I forgot to mention a couple of writers who I love and have made me laugh, cry, sigh, think, learn and smile with their stories: John Burkitt and David Morris